1. Pricing the home too high – have a professional determine comparable sales.
2. Small repairs bring big profits and fast sales – have a professional give you low-cost solutions to minor repairs that will yield big profits.
3. Not considering other financing terms (besides cash) – have a professional give you the options that may be better than cash for you, the homeowner.
4. Market Timing – have a professional determine if the market cycle is poised to net you the most money. At least ask to be shown how to make profits in a down market and how it affects you as the homeowner.
5. Providing easy access for showings. Appointments only is very restrictive, direct showings with the use of a lockbox are the least restrictive. Have a professional help you determine which is most suited to your lifestyle.
6. Staging your property correctly – can you put items in storage? Create more light or music?
7. Choosing the right RealtorĀ® – interview several using a set list of questions and compare the answers. Select the RealtorĀ® that best suits your needs.
8. Believing that selling a property is seasonal – don’t base selling decisions on the seasons. Property is always selling. In fact, in the off times traditionally there are less properties on the market to choose from, therefore more activity on the properties remaining.
9. Pricing a home too low – gives a bad impression to buyers and leaves too much money on the table
10. Not using current market technology – make sure your agent is on the “Information Highway” with web sites, search engines, latest buyer communications, etc.
11. Re-evaluating the marketing plan every 10 days – the market, you and your real estate require intuitive changes to the market and buyers on a regular basis.
12. Believing the agent is not doing the job – when there are not any offers did you know that 80% of your buyer activity comes from signs and the MLS? Even the most mediocre agent does that. If you have a lack of showings reassess the price or showing ability
13. Ignoring first impressions from the buyer – sales have been hampered by unkept laws, cluttered closets, unpainted front doors, hard to work locks, dead light bulbs, stains, strong colors, unlit areas and bad smells. Spend time on the little things to make a good first impression.
14. Not giving the sales effort enough time – you should never give too little time to a process that is inherently long. Estimate the time you have to sell and then add some time so you are not put in the position of pushing deadlines.
15. Dealing with unqualified and unsavory characters – one of the best reasons to hire a real estate professional is that they have the ability to pre-qualify a prospect before showing a home and entering into long negotiations.
16. Believing you are powerless to make a difference – sellers themselves are responsible for 1 out of 10 sales, just by talking about the sale of their home to friends, colleagues and acquaintances.
17. Testing the market – never put your property on the market unless you really want to sell.
18. Not setting up expectations with your agent – your agent needs to guarantee how fast the return phone calls and emails are made, how many websites your home will be on, numbers of showings and a myriad of other goals – all in writing for accountability. Any agent worth their salt will be willing to do this.