Seller’s, when you want to sell your home be sure to be diligent in your selection of an agent. With competition in the market high agents are doing anything and everything to get your listing. Listen carefully to the listing presentations being made. All agents are not created equal. Just because an agent tells you what you want to hear it may not be the whole truth. Any agent worth their salt in the business will give you the facts about your homes value in the current market. If another agents assessment is much higher than competing agents that should be considered a red flag.

I would rather tell a potential client the truth about the value of their home and if they still want to list at a much higher price that is fine, but be realistic in your expectations sellers. The market can only bear so much.

Your listing agent is your lifeline to getting your home sold, but be careful of the cost when selecting an agent. Would you rather hear the truth or pumped up numbers just so they get your listing. Personally, I prefer being told the truth at the start, since I know that reflects on the character of the person behind the words. Select your listing agents carefully and with diligence. Ask for references! This could save a lot of frustration in the long run.

Happy selling!

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