A New Perspective on Advertising

We all have the inclination to do what others are doing in advertising, but is it working?  In our area, newspaper advertising is expensive and generates very few leads, but clients like to see their home featured.  As an agent, I need to make sure my clients understand where their leads are generated.  It is great to tell a client that newspaper is the wrong avenue, but without alternatives the client will not be convinced to change advertising avenues.

As I previously stated, newspaper advertising in this area does not generate many leads, but there are alternatives.  The new advertising avenue that is generating the most leads is the Internet.  Sites such as Trulia, Google, Yahoo and Craig’s list to name a few, but the problem with these sites is the order in which your home comes to the top of the list.  The great thing about the Internet is that the consumers are far more informed than previously.  As an agent, I do not discourage my clients from looking up properties on their own, since they know what they want more than any other person, but I do make sure they understand that much of the information they are gathering may not be accurate.  Educating the consumer is the most important part of my job.  With well informed clients, any transaction is made easier and far less prone to "disaster".  

Just remember,  know your area, and try to get the most out of every advertising avenue available to you.  Thinking outside of the box in this market and business is a great tool for success.