It’s all in your perspective….

As a real estate professional in this economic climate, I have heard my fair share of griping.  Yes the economy is in a severe downturn and future prospects "don’t look good", but there is always the need for housing, whether it be rental or owner occupied.  The wonderful thing about this particular moment in time is that the housing options are more affordable than ever. 

I realize investors and potential home buyers are keeping close fisted right now, but I also realize that the safest investment in this volatile economy is real property, be it for rental purposes or other uses.  What people do not realize is that now is the time to invest.  When the boom in California was happening people were scooping up property like it was going out of style.  This is part of the reason we are in the situation we are in right now.  Property values were so high and the loans given on these values did not reflect the realistic portrayal of value.  Savvy investors know that now is the time to get into the investment market, when prices are low.  This makes the debt service on the property much more balanced and achievable.

So, when I hear we are in a "bad market", I scoff.  We are actually in a remarkably good market, but we need to educate the investors and potential home buyers to that fact.  Yes, the economy is bad, but wouldn’t you like your money in a safe investment, that you can actually have some control over.  Think about it, it is all in your perspective.