Shasta County Investment Property

Buying investment property in Shasta County has always been a challenge.  Why?, you may ask.  Well, the nitty-gritty of the entire prospect of investing in real estate in Shasta County is that the rents collected can not cover the basic debt service of the investment.  In the last year or so that gap is diminishing slowly. 

Now when you are looking into investment property in Shasta County  you are more likely to find projects that make more sense.  When you are looking to invest you need to look at several things that are not generally easy to access on the listing.  These items are actual income collected versus market rents, ALL expenses that need to be paid monthly including the mortgage payment, what are you paying "per door",  what is the cap rate on the project after all of these numbers are included and most importantly is the project obsolete in the market. 

Shasta County has several apartment and townhouse configurations, but many of them are obsolete in this day and age because of their size and condition.  Sometimes the "bones" of the project are good, the amenities are in reasonable condition and the land it sits on is prime.  If you have enough funds to renovate the project and the patience to wait for it to turn, it could be an excellent investment.  Foresight is a vital quality in this situation. 

As an investor, the important thing to remember is who will be renting, managing and maintaining your property. Is it worth jumping in head first.  Only you are to say, but the opportunities are growing in Shasta County and the need is definitely there.